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Automatic Decoder supporting Cryptography ( CryptAutoDecoder )


The class CryptAutoDecoder is an extension of AutoDecoder. It can be used for decoding encrypted streams (in particular if the coder used for encoding is unknown). In order to decrypt a stream a key must be provided by the user because the key is - of course - not stored in the encrypted stream. There are three possibilities to specify a key: as a CryptKey, as a key stream or as a key file. Sometimes it may be necessary to provide several keys to CryptAutoDecoder. E.g., if you use CoderPipe2< OMACCoder<>, OFBCoder<> > to encode a stream two keys are needed for decoding. Therefore, CryptAutoDecoder maintains a list of keys for decoding.

#include < LEDA/coding/crypt_auto_decoder.h >


CryptAutoDecoder C(streambuf* src_stream = 0, streambuf* tgt_stream = 0, bool own_streams = false)
    creates an instance C which uses the given source and target streams. If own_streams is set, then C is responsible for the destruction of the streams, otherwise the pointers src_stream and tgt_stream must be valid during the life-time of C.

CryptAutoDecoder C(const char* src_file_name, const char* tgt_file_name)
    creates an instance C which uses file-streams for input and output.


Standard Operations

void C.decode() decodes the source stream and writes the output to the target stream.

uint32 C.decode_memory_chunk(const char* in_buf, uint32 in_len, char* out_buf, uint32 out_len)
    decodes the memory chunk starting at in_buf with size in_len into the buffer starting at out_buf with size out_len. The function returns actual length of the encoded chunk which may be smaller than out_len. If the output buffer is too small for the decoded data the failure flag will be set (see below).

streambuf* C.get_src_stream() returns the current source stream.

void C.set_src_stream(streambuf* src_stream, bool own_stream = false)
    sets the source stream (cf. constructor).

void C.set_src_file(const char* file_name)
    sets a file as source stream.

streambuf* C.get_tgt_stream() returns the current target stream.

void C.set_tgt_stream(streambuf* tgt_stream, bool own_Stream = false)
    sets the target stream (cf. constructor).

void C.set_tgt_file(const char* file_name)
    sets a file as target stream.

void C.reset() puts C in exactly the same state as the default constructor.

bool C.failed() returns true if an error occured.

bool C.finished() returns true if decoding is finished.

string C.get_description() provides a description for C. After decoding this includes a description of the coder that has been used for encoding the stream.

Additional Operations

coder_base* C.get_coder() after decoding this function returns the coder that has actually been used to decode the stream.

bool C.has_key() returns whether the key list is not empty.

list<CryptKey> C.get_keys() returns the current list of keys.

void C.set_key(const CryptKey& key)
    sets the key that should be used for decoding.

void C.add_key(const CryptKey& key)
    adds a key to the key list.

void C.set_keys_in_stream(streambuf* key_stream)
    makes the key list equal to the key(s) in key_stream.

void C.add_keys_in_stream(streambuf* key_stream)
    adds the key(s) in key_stream to the key list.

void C.set_keys_in_file(const char* file_name)
    makes the key list equal to the key(s) in the given file.

void C.add_keys_in_file(const char* file_name)
    adds the key(s) in the given file to the key list.

void C.clear_keys() removes all keys.


Example on how to use CryptAutoDecoder with a key file:

  typedef OFBCoder<> Cipher;

  // generate key ...
  CryptByteString passphrase("secret phrase");
  CryptByteString dummy_salt; // will be ignored
  CryptKey key 
    = CryptKey::generate_key_and_salt(16, 16, passphrase, dummy_salt, true);
    // 8*16 = 128 bit salt and key

  // write key
  ofstream key_out("secret.key");
  key_out << key;

  // encipher data
  encoding_ofstream<Cipher> data_out("data");
  data_out << "my secret text ..." << endl;

  // much later ...

  // decipher data
  decoding_ifstream<CryptAutoDecoder> data_in("data");
  string data; data.read_line(data_in); cout << data << endl;

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